Goofy Rougelike Party 4

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Current Main Character: Rot McMortis
Highest Level Reached: 3
Dungeons Cleared: 0
Cities Banished From: 1

Party Inventory:

Not enough party members to have a party inventory…


-This group is wandering aimlessly, with the vague idea of joining up with the demonic forces…

Party Spell Library:

Will be set up when needed…

Party Graveyard:

Will be set up after somebody dies [Again]…


FSZu1yt.png Hard Ass

A stone gray donkey with heavily armored hide. Not particularly notable beyond its high AC and Punny name, but it can cause knockback and may be dangerous near cliffs.

8 HP
16 AC
Melee Attack (Hoofed Kick): +4 Attack Bonus, 1d6+2 Damage
Ranged Attack: N/A

Badass Kick: Kocks a medium or smaller foe back 1m on an AC roll of 14 or higher.
Stubborn: Gains a +2 Bonus to AC for when an ally dies.


5Ra1sjL.png Diaburro

What happens when a demon steed from the lowland camps finds the local donkey population. These hybrids are bigger, stronger, more magical, and more horse-like than their kin, but they lack the armor that the local Hard Ass population is known for

17 HP
9 AC [Large Body]
Melee Attack (Donkey Punch): +6 Attack Bonus, 2d6+2 Damage
Ranged Attack: N/A

Super Badass Kick: Kocks a medium or smaller foe back 2m on an AC roll of 12 or higher. Works regardless of hit or miss.
Hellraiser: When it is killed, any of the Diaburro's remaining equine allies inflict +1 Fire Damage and +1 Evil Damage with all their melee attacks

Lesser Demonic Drain (Inflicts 1d4+1 Evil Damage on a target within 6m of the caster, and heals the caster an amount of HP equal to the damage dealt. 3 Uses)
Hell's Lightning (Inflict 1d6 Electric Damage and 1d6+2 Evil Damage on a random hostile target. 3 Uses)
Fell Hee-Haw (For every 3 points of non-holy damage inflict by and against any targets in battle until Diaburro's next turn, Diaburro gains an Ass Counter. The next damaging spell or attack Diaburro uses inflicts 1 point of extra evil damage for each Ass Counter gained. 1 Use)